Your Granny will love it too!

About Us

Traditional Hungarian cuisine served in a modern way and in an extraordinary environment.

Are you one of those, who think malls equate to fast food restaurants, so you rather eat somewhere else? Your time has come, say hurray to Katsa!


If you prefer slow over fast food, then you’ll definitely speed up at a sight of a Katsa duck leg.

Katsa is a very unique diner, a place that has never appeared at any mall so far. You’ll have a chance to try authentic local tastes and traditional Hungarian dishes in a restaurant, where every course is made of fresh, Hungarian ingredients, using primarily poultry. We are sure that even your grandma will fall for us after tasting our food.


So what exactly can you eat at Katsa? Duck (legs, chest, liver), goose (liver and legs), and various stews, not to mention everyone's favorite schnitzel sandwich, which makes Katsa irresistible. Compared to a regular mall-based restaurant’s offer, excellent quality is guaranteed by the chef Ákos Tasnádi who leads the kitchen of two successful downtown restaurants named Macesz Bistro and Cupákos.


What adds to our attractive power is the dishes are prepared quickly but not in advance. We cook our meals only after the order is taken, so freshness along with the best quality are guaranteed. The cherry on top is you get it all at affordable prices.

So, if you want to have a delicious dinner or lunch, you don't need to go downtown nor consider having a table reservation. Just head for Katsa and enjoy their remarkable tastes with hearty appetite.


Opening Hours

Mon-Sat   10:00 - 21:00
Sunday    10:00 - 20:00



1. floor - Food Loft
Örs Vezér tere 25/A
1106, Budapest
fb/insta @katsabudapest